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Social media marketing – Is it truly that simple?

Social media has become very common . Most of us are active in one or more of the social networks, sharing our photos on Facebook, tweeting on Twitter or just enjoying a glimpse of our friends’ Facebook walls or Instagram pics.

Social media has also become very popular among businesses. Many corporations have started using these tools as marketing platforms, and why not? It is free, it is easy to use and you can reach hundreds and even thousands of customers at once.

Social media is a great marketing tool, but only if you know how to use it business wise. We use the same Facebook for personal and professional purposes, yet many businesses use it in the wrong way, posting advertisements like they post their own photos and expect to get Likes. It doesn’t work that way!

So how does social media marketing work?

First of all, you have to distinguish between all the different social media, their uses and their audiences.  You have to determine which type of social media would be best for your product and audience. Facebook is not always the answer. Sometimes Twitter is better. In fact, you may not need social media at all.

After you’ve identified which type of social media you need, and after thinking about the message you want to deliver, you should act according to expectations for that type of social media. What does that mean? Facebook, for example, is a social network, so you should post social messages, perhaps inviting your fans to read an article or sharing tips. LinkedIn, however, is a business network, so you should act more professional there.

Looking For Affordable Social Marketing Services for Small businesses?

As a social media marketing experts, we’ll build a strategic plan for your product based on a short market research study we’ll conduct. We’ll advise you on which platforms could work for you and what kind of content you should post. Once all is set we will maintain and supervise any chosen social media network, including content creation and filtering of negative comments.

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