Marketing Strategy For You

Marketing strategy is often the most neglected aspect of running a business. We see businesses every day that are reaching a fraction of their potential because the advertising, marketing, and online presence just has no direction. We understand exactly why. Building a marketing strategy is a mammoth task, and doing so without knowledge can do more harm than good. 

Our team at Marketing For You lives and breathes strategy. It’s what keeps our business so competitive. We build dynamic strategies that out-compete the competition on a daily basis. Whether your business is competing in the repair business in Toronto, or the tech industry across Canada, we will work hard to understand what makes your business tick, and finally unlock its complete potential. 

What Does Our Marketing Strategy Cover?

Our marketing strategy covers all the avenues that are vital to your business, including but not limited to:

Website Design & Customer Funnel

Your website is your most important area of online presence. It tells your story, it boasts your brand, and it turns leads into sales. We isolate areas of weakness and give you a plan to address them.

Pay-Per-Click Ads Strategy

Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and more. We have you covered from where and when you should be advertising, to the intricate details of your ads account structure and settings.

Brand Building Strategy

Your brand is built by the smallest decisions you make online. Let’s build some ground rules together so you can adhere to your brand, and increase the value of your business.

Social Media Strategy

No marketing strategy would be complete without a deep dive into social media. We can tell you how to increase your follower base, what to post, and where to post it. Let’s capitalize on social media.

Analytics Foundation

Gather, analyze, act. That’s the mantra of proper data gathering online. We can guide you on how to set up your business to properly track performance data via Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Without this, your business is shooting in the dark.

Simplicity & Commitment

This might be a lot of information, but simple, actionable marketing strategies are what works best. We deliver our marketing strategies in easy to follow formats and are always available for guidance in the future.

Strategy that will have

your businesses seeing the Future.

Why is Marketing For You the Right Choice?

Professionalism, commitment, and transparency. We have a commitment to our clients that most other marketing agencies shy away from. We always ready to sit down and guide you through the choices we make for your marketing strategy. We ensure:

Fully Transparent Strategy
The steps we outline in your marketing strategy are well-thought-out. So every time you ask ‘why’, we will be happy to show you.

Effective & Efficient Work – Our work is always clear and concise. That means you are not paying for unnecessary back and forth.

We Focus on Results – Step one is always understanding your goal. Every step after that is working towards it.

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