What are landing pages?

Landing pages are web pages that appears when a visitor clicks on a search engine result or on any Internet advertising (SEM, Facebook or banner). In many cases, the landing pages are homepages or some other pages on a website that can be reached via search engine results or advertising, but when you talk about an advertising landing pages, when you want to capture your audience’s attention, and even get their information – then you are talking about pages that includes only the relevant information for your specific goal.

What is a good landing page?

A good landing page should be very clear and targeted to the audience. It should include only one main message, a good image or video and a form to capture the visitors’ information. To get the visitors to fill in their details, you should offer them some incentive (registration to an event, a coupon, a free PDF, etc.). A good landing page is followed by a Thank You email that is sent automatically to those visitors who completed the form. Many businesses think that the Thank You letter is a closer that you have to send because this is how it works. However, the Thank You letter is your second opportunity to form a relationship with the visitor (who has already shown interest in your product) and interest him or her in more products or special deals.

How can we help?

Here in Marketing For You, landing pages are part of any Internet advertising package (except for the “Do It Yourself’), so you don’t need to pay extra for it. However, if you need any help with building landing pages for other purposes, please contact me for further information.