Instagram Marketing – A Game Changer

Instagram marketing is a true game changer in this day and age. To think, an average billboard on a freeway costs around 2000 USD a month, and your audience is extremely limited. You may have a few thousand people see your advertisement, but they all come from the same area, and drive the same road. Instagram on the other hand has the power to reach a billion users across the globe, and you don’t pay a dime unless someone interacts with your ad. Free views combined with a giant audience? No wonder Instagram has changed advertising.

How Does Instagram Marketing Work?

Step 1: Design an Instagram Ad

Instagram advertising, and Instagram as a social media platform in general, revolves around beautiful design. Beautiful pictures with limited text are a must, but it can be hard to get your point across simply using pictures. A clever caption goes a long way.

Step 2: Choose an Audience

This is where Instagram shines. There are over a billion users on Instagram, so the chances that your target audience can be found on Instagram are very high. Take those 1 billion people and narrow them down to the specific audience that YOU need. Trimming the fat is crucial to the success of your Instagram campaign.

Step 3: Choose a Budget

Instagram marketing is time consuming, and requires a creative mind, however luckily for us it’s easier on the wallet than most advertising alternatives. A small budget of 10 dollars a day can go a long way.

Is Instagram Right for your Business?

Instagram marketingAs an Instagram marketing agency, we would like to tell you yes, but the truth is you have to take a look at your particular industry. What industries are best for Instagram marketing? Well, any industry in which you can get an idea across with beautiful photographs! Here are a few examples:

Hair Salons – Hair salons have great marketing potential with Instagram! Daily pictures of interesting haircuts, colors, etc. can showcase your service extremely well.

Restaurants – Restaurants thrive off of social media marketing, and Instagram in particular. Pictures of food and drink, videos of the atmosphere, and galleries showcasing the staff can all paint a beautiful picture for your customers.

Party Services – Any business can show off a large group of people having a good time is great for Instagram. Whether it’s catering, an event space, decorator, or anything in between.

Any business focusing on brand awareness – Instagram is the best way to achieve brand awareness. Potential customers may navigate to your profile to view your venue or work and new customers will discover your business through their feed.

Choose the Right Instagram Marketing Agency

If you think Instagram marketing might give your business the edge over your competition, you’re in the right place. The right digital marketing agency can make all the difference. Let us manage your social media with skill, creativity, and transparency. Contact us today for a FREE consultation meeting