Email marketing, what’s it all about?

Email marketing (email campaigns) is exactly what it sounds like – using email to deliver marketing messages to customers. The messages can be about new deals and promotions, new products and services or anything that would be helpful for your clients.

Common practices

When using email marketing, you must understand that the customers will open the email, only if they feel doing so can be beneficial for them. If not – they will just ignore it, delete it or worse than that – mark it as a spam. You must learn your customers’ needs and send only beneficial messages.

Luckily today, email marketing is a very accurate and measurable strategy. When using the right tools, you can personalize your message and analyze the results immediately. You can obtain very accurate information regarding how many customers opened the email and how many clicked on the attached links. That way, you can hone your strategy if needed.

How can we help?

As part of my services, I’ll build an email campaign for your product. If you’d like, this campaign can be a single email, informing customers about a particular promotion or a new service, or you and I can build a continuous campaign that includes a series of  beneficial emails (like helpful tips) that will be sent to your customers according to a timetable we set in advance. Don’t worry; you don’t need to mess with sending the emails at all, let alone on time. That’s my job!