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At Marketing For You –We believe in delivering fully measurable results and hyper-targeted campaigns for Canadian businesses. We pride ourselves in understanding our clients’ needs, and the needs of their target audience. Through careful conversion tracking, we make sure your results are clear and your business is set up for success.


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Marketing For You is a results-driven Google Ads management agency headquartered in Toronto, Canada. We started in Toronto in 2008, and today we help businesses from Vancouver to Saskatchewan and nearly all major cities in between. We understand Canadians and their values, and that’s what makes us so effective at making a positive difference for our clients. 

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Our Google Ads Management Services Approach

Our skilled team will design a customized Google Ads strategy for your business using Google’s best practices. We provide the following Google Ads services to help you generate more clicks, drive more traffic to your website, and convert those visitors into paying clients and customers:

Analyze Business & Target Audience

Identify Business Keyword Opportunities

Competitive Gap Analysis

Setup Campaign(s) & Writing Effective Ad Copy

Optimize Landing Page

A/B Testing & Regular Optimization

Cost and Performance Analysis

Comprehensive Reporting


What makes Marketing For You Toronto’s Best Google Ads Agency?

√  We are Google certified partners with extensive experience in handling Google Ads campaigns for small to medium-sized businesses.

√  We create custom PPC strategies for your business, industry, and goals.

√  We provide you with a dedicated Google ads account representative.

√  We do extensive keyword research to get maximum clicks from relevant visitors.

√  We optimize the current ad copy and create new ad copies to improve the campaign’s performance.

√  With us, you will get affordable and transparent PPC management pricing.

√  We don’t believe in time-bounded contracts. We like to work on a month-to-month basis.

√  Most importantly, we’re committed to delivering measurable results. We provide you remarkable results in terms of high-quality leads, sales & better ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most effective digital marketing channels to grow your business online in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Search engine marketing (SEM) also known as Paid Search Advertising. It is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine websites (like Google and Bing) primarily through paid advertisements.

SEM vs. SEO: What is the Main Difference?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to paid search marketing, a system where businesses pay search engines to show their ads in the search results pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the website visibility organically in search engine results pages (SERPs). It is different from SEM because businesses don’t need to pay search-engines for traffic and clicks. Instead, they earn a free spot in the search results by having the most relevant content for a given keyword search.

If you invest in digital marketing for your business, it is vital to consider both SEO and SEM marketing channels in your online marketing planning. SEO is a powerful way to drive evergreen traffic at the top of the funnel, while search engine advertisements are a highly cost-effective approach to drive conversions at the bottom of the sales funnel.

Sales Funnel

Image Source: Moz

Is It All About Choosing the Right Keywords?

In any paid marketing strategy, everything starts with a keyword. When using SEM (PPC Campaigns/Adwords Campaigns), you have to determine which keywords your customers use when searching for a product like yours. Sometimes, what you think is the best keyword is not what your customers use. Luckily, there are many PPC keyword research tools to find a list of keywords that are highly relevant to your business offerings. So, choose key terms that are your business intent keywords, and you have to bid on those keywords to show up on the SERPs.

Why Should I Use Search Engine Marketing or Google Ads Management Services?

Search Engine Marketing has many advantages – first, it is targeted advertising. You pay only per actual click, and you can measure your results and control the budget easily at any time. However, the most important advantage is that this advertising method is for active potential buyers, buyers who are already considering using a product/service like yours, but haven’t decided yet where and if to buy it.

Due to this advantage, sometimes the competition can be quite strong and the cost-per-click very expensive. Yet, if you build the campaign right, this paid advertising method is the most cost effective for increasing your leads & sales.

All together, we can conclude that you should invest in Google Ads services for – 

  • Boosting Brand Awareness
  • Reach The Right Audience
  • Generate New Sales & Leads
  • PPC Traffic is More Likely to Convert
  • Open Your Doors to Local Customers
  • Instant Results by Taking Control of Your Marketing Spend
  • Easily Measurable & Trackable

Is Search Engine Marketing Good for Active Buyers Only?

NO!!! While most of the businesses are still using PPC advertising for search ads campaigns only; Google and Bing provide us with many other alternatives such as Display Campaigns that allow you to create banners and show them to targeted audiences on more than 2 million websites, videos, and apps. In Google ads, you can also use Gmail campaigns, Remarketing campaigns, Shopping campaigns, Video campaigns and much more based on your business marketing objectives.

How Can We Help You with Our Google Ads Management Services?

Our Google Ads management agency focuses on increasing the return on investment of your Google Ads campaigns. If you are looking to promote your business and searching for an agency that will run your Google Ads campaigns, we will be happy to help! With our result-oriented Google Ads management services in Toronto, your business will drive ultimate growth.

Marketing For You is a certified Google Partner digital agency in Toronto and provides Google Ads management services to small & mid-sized businesses in and out of Canada. If you are located in Toronto or in the GTA (Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville, Kitchener, Waterloo, Ajax, Pickering, Richmond Hill etc…) we will be happy to set up a meeting to show you how it works. If you are located outside of the GTA we will be happy to schedule a meeting over the phone.

Looking to Hire A Google Ads Management Company?

Contact us to learn about your next Google Ads campaign with us & discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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