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Welcome to Marketing For You, a leading name in innovative digital marketing. Although our head office is located in Toronto, we have been serving the Waterloo – Kitchener area, and all of Southern Ontario for the better part of a decade. We have a commitment to helping mid-sized Kitchener businesses thrive like never before. We make sure our clients receive the best care, conducting market research, understanding your competition, and building a campaign designed for short and long term success. We provide full service marketing, digital marketing consultation, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Social Media Management, and so much more.

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About Marketing For You

Marketing For You began as a full-service marketing agency focused on helping small businesses thrive. Through hard work and innovation, we watched our clients grow, and with them, so did we. Today we help small and mid-sized businesses with completely tailor-made marketing solutions. Custom plans, strategies, consultation, and complete A to Z management is what we do best. Our head office is located in Toronto, but over the years we realized the importance of being close to our clients and opened locations in Kitchener, Mississauga and Vaughan.

While priding ourselves on our full-service marketing solutions, as well as our great strategy skills, we understand that sometimes as a small business owner, you need a more narrow solution to your marketing. That’s why we have launched the Ad Ninja, a digital marketing company that offers pre-built packages, perfect for the small business owner just looking for Google or Facebook Ads.

Looking for Small Business Digital Marketing Packages?

Having many years of experience with businesses of different sizes, we understand that sometimes you just want to focus on simple pay-per-click advertising. That’s why we launched The Ad Ninja, an advertising agency that focuses on standard PPC packages for your small business.

Our Digital Marketing Services

We provide services that Kitchener businesses need most. With experience across varying industries, we know the importance of a marketing agency that can do it all. We have extensive knowledge in both Google and Facebook Ads campaigns, as well as social media management, and build custom marketing solutions for each one of our clients.

Google Ads Marketing

We have experience managing thousands of dollars a day in Google Ad spend, using a bullet-proof strategy.

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Social Media Marketing

We produce fresh content that drives sales while managing the most successful social media ads campaigns around.

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Consultation & Strategy

We offer our expertise to help you develop strategy, evaluate your existing marketing efforts, and plan for success.

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