Shifting the paradigm of telehealth through technology. XRHealth harnesses the power of virtual reality, creating effective VR treatments for everything from chronic stress to physical injury.


  • Launching a completely new idea, in a niche of its own 
  • Boiling complex medical treatments down to digestible content 
  • Sharing the experience of VR through two-dimensional media 
  • Navigating medical advertising policies


  • Build awareness of this completely new idea through engaging social media 
  • Share the VR experience through interactive mixed-media landing pages
  • Push XRHealth to the top of Google Searches. Targeting searches for their competitors, relevant treatments, and more with the help of Google Ads.


  • We introduced the brand to more than 2 million new people
  • Our brand awareness strategies paid off with a 132% Increase in Organic Google Searches in 10 weeks. 
  • We more than doubled the amount of users that reached our end-goal page in 6 weeks.
  • Reduced cost per lead by 50% during the first month of the campaign

We Reduced cost per lead by 50%

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