internet marketing training program

Why not learn how to do it by yourself?

Internet marketing personal training for small business in Toronto and the GTA

Having worked with many small business owners, we understand that some small business owners can’t afford hiring a marketing expert and rather running their social media campaigns (or any other internet marketing) by themselves.

The problem is, that many small business owners use it without thinking. They just create an ad, press the submit button, and hope it brings them customers. might… but, at the same time, it could be a huge waste of money and time.

Digital marketing, like traditional marketing, must have a clear strategy that takes into consideration all the different aspects spurring consumers to buy your product.

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So due to high demand, we have decided to launch an Internet marketing personal training program to help small business owners learn how to increase traffic to their business using low budget advertising.

In this program, you will learn everything you need to know to advertise your business via Internet. The program will be customized to your business and will be completed at your own pace.

 For whom is this program good?

Any small business owner who is open to learn how to use digital platforms, but mainly those who have spent money on the traditional channels (brochures, ads in magazines, etc.) without results.

Internet marketing works better for B2C; however, in this program, you can learn how to use it for B2B as well.

What will you learn in this program?

Since each business is unique, we will customize the agenda based on your needs. Below, you will find some of the main topics you can learn from this program:

  1. Instagram/Facebook/ Twitter/ LinkedIn… What are the differences between these platforms and what could work for my business?
  1. What is the Facebook advertising platform? When should I use it and how?
  1.  What is Google AdWords? When should I use it and how?
  1. Where and how can I find my audience on the Internet?
  1. Pay-per-click versus pay-per-impression
  1. Should I write a blog? What are some potential topics? How can I advertise it?
  1. Landing pages – Do it yourself
  1. Should I use Google Analytics?
  2. What is remarketing, and how can I use it?


Single Session of 40-45 minutes ……$85

Double Session of 80-90 minutes…$150

A package of 6 single sessions…. $450

A package of 6 double sessions …$850

    • The Internet marketing training is classified as “personal”; however, there is no extra charge for a group of up to 5 employees from the same company.
    • The rates are for sessions held within Toronto only. For session outside of Toronto, there will be an additional fee of up to $20 a session, based on the location.
    • All prices are subject to HST
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