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Internet advertising - what's the story?

Internet advertising – what’s the story?

Internet advertising is one of the most dynamic areas in the marketing industry. Advertising systems continuously change and evolve. They are becoming more sophisticated and offer better and more accurate ways to reach your target audience directly. Google and Facebook have their own methods to help you reach your audience and, more than that, to make sure your ad will be exposed only to them.

Internet advertising has many advantages: It is much cheaper than traditional advertising, as well as more focused, reaching only your target audience. In addition, you have the ability to measure and analyze the success of the campaign.

What does that mean?

Take newspaper advertising for example. You spend lots of money on one ad, but you have no way to know how many readers will see your ad or how many of them actually belong to your target audience. In contrast, with Internet advertising, your ad will reach only those in your target audience, and you will be able to learn how many were exposed to the ad and how many clicked on it. Even more, you’ll receive additional data, such as the age of the customers who opened the ad and where they live.


Different approaches for Internet advertising

Internet advertising can be done in several different ways: advertising on social media (Facebook, LinkdIn, YouTube, etc.), Google advertising (SEM), or banner advertising. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. As part of your advertising strategy, you must define the goal of the ad and, based on that, determine where is the best place to publish and in what form.

Internet advertising is very simple. If you have a marketing person in your office, he or she can do it by him or herself easily. I would be happy to meet with you to aid in building the right strategy and help your team to learn how to use the necessary tools. That way, all you have to do is run your ad and keep updated with changes to Facebook and/or Google. If you do not have a marketing person, I’d be happy to manage your Internet advertising and even take it one step further with a FREE landing page that would facilitate lead generation.