Have you ever noticed that after you visit the websites of big companies, you start to see banners and other advertisements for those companies? In some casRemarketing – the tool that every small business owner needs!es, such ads even contain the exact product you were seeking. As you probably discerned, this phenomenon is not coincidental. In fact, this is a simple technique that you can use yourself called remarketing.


What is remarketing?

Imagine the following scenario – you were searching for a product, and you visited a nice website and started reading about a specific product. You liked that product. You even considered buying it. However, while you were reading, the phone suddenly rang, and you had to stop. After the phone conversation, you might have forgotten all about that product, and, in your next search, you might visit a competitor’s site instead. The original site lost a customer! Unless he uses remarketing!

The idea of remarketing is very simple – in many cases, customers need more than one visit to a website to be convinced to buy that product or service. However, in this digital era, with the unlimited number of similar products and services advertised on the Internet, customers can easily become confused and choose a competitor’s product or service instead of yours. As a result, you can spend lots of money on good advertising that brings traffic to your site, but, at the end of the day, when the customer is ready for the buying process, he or she may become confused and go to one of your competitors. Remarketing helps your customers to remember your site and to come back to you when they decide they want to buy that product or service.

Isn’t remarketing a waste of money? After all, some of the visitors may not like our website. How can we target our ad only to serious customers?

The beauty of remarketing is that you can target your ad in many ways. You can target it to all your website visitors, or you can target it to those who visited a specific page (e.g., who visited the “buy now” or “contact us” pages but didn’t complete the action). In some cases, you can even target the ad according to the time the visitors spent on your site. In other words, you can actually create sub segmentations of your site visitors and design ads accordingly.

How do we do it?

Both Facebook and Google provide remarketing solutions in their advertising platforms. All you have to do is to create a code and implement it on your website. Once the code is implemented, you can start creating advertisements targeted to your new visitors. Creating the code itself is not complicated. I will write about it on my blog soon. If you would like to be notified when I publish this post, please contact me here