Many of my customers don’t understand why they should link their campaign to a landing page. “What’s wrong with my website?” they ask. “I spent a lot of time and thinking on it, and I’m sure it has all the relevant information the prospects need.”

This is not a comment on whether their website is good or not. Some of them do own an eye-catching website with great contents. Whatever the case, when you create an Internet campaign, you would be best served by linking that campaign to a separate targeted and focused page rather than your website.

What is a landing page?

In general, a landing page is any web page that appears when a visitor clicks on a search engine result or on any Internet advertising (SEM, Facebook or banner). It could be the home page or an individual page on the website. However, when we talk about a landing page for advertising reasons, we mean a page that is separate from the website and includes only the relevant information for your specific advertising goal.
A landing page should be clear, focused and targeted to the audience. The page could contain an image or a short video, and most of the time it also contains a web form to capture the audience’s information.

Why not simply use the website then?

Even if your website is the most creative and beautiful, it probably includes “too much information”, and when we want to capture our prospect’s attention we need to be clear and focused. We should deliver only one message, a message supporting our campaign goal. If, for example, the goal of the campaign is registration for a conference, your landing page should focus on the benefits of the conference, and the web form should offer a discount or more information for those who fill in their details. Once a prospect needs to learn more about your company, he or she could easily visit your website through this landing page.

Do You Really Need a Landing Page for Your Internet Campaign? Absolutely, Yes!

When you create an Internet campaign, you would be best served by linking that campaign to a separate targeted and focused page rather than your website

More advantages of landing pages:

Capture leads and expand customer database – Thanks to the web form and depending on your goal, you can easily increase your leads and/or expand your database. Please note that due to Canada’s New Anti-Spam Law (CASL) you are required to obtain consent from recipients of commercial electronic messages (CEMs), or email marketing, before you can send anything out.

Conversions – By sending your prospects to a focused and targeted promotional landing page your marketing campaign will have a greater chance of conversions.

Multiple designing possibilities – Since the landing page is specific to the campaign, it could be designed differently from the website, leaning more to the creative or the opposite. Yet the page is part of your business. So make sure you keep some of the graphic elements of your website like your logo or slogan.

A/B Testing – A landing page is a great opportunity to test which title/image or call to action works better on your customers. Using A/B testing you can create two almost identical landing pages with only one difference (title, image etc.) and analyse the results.

Landing pages offer many benefits and are crucial for your campaign’s success. Next time you run an Internet campaign make sure you include one. You could do it by yourself or ask a professional for help.

Just a reminder, here, at Marketing For You, landing pages are a FREE component of any Internet advertising package, so you don’t need to pay extra for it. If you are a do-it-yourself person and prefer running your campaign by yourself we can provide you with a landing page package too.

Image credit : Pete, Flickr