Testimonials written by our clients

Dr. Romi Rania, Collaborative Educations:

“Orit helped to promote a Naturopathic conference for me. She was able to provide a tremendous amount of help even though we had very little time. I appreciate the professionalism and hard work she put into our project and I would be happy to work with her again.”

Naturopathic conference promoted by Marketing For You


Richard Bass, For Critical Thinkers:

“Marketing For You did a fantastic job for us. Orit designed and ran a very cost efficient and successful YouTube campaign and provided ongoing support. We were very pleased”

a very cost efficient and successful YouTube campaign

Hasnain Hasan, Toronto Furnished Living

“Our company approached ‘Marketing For You’ because we needed our short term accommodation company to be advertised and marketed to the relevant customer base. Orit Naim Pery of Marketing For You helped us with our campaign to promote our business. One thing we liked was her dedication and a strong desire for hard work to help us achieve success and the level of personalization and effort she put into promoting our business.”

toronto-furnished-living-by-voofa5Thank You!
“Thank you, our beloved customers, for your worm words. It was our pleasure working with you, promoting your brands and drive more customers to your business.
Our goal is to help more businesses in Toronto and the GTA to promote their business and we thank every business that help us achieving this goal”
Orit Naim Pery, Marketing For You