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Search Engine Marketing

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Search engine marketing (SEM), in a nutshell, is paying money to search engine sites like Google and Bing to promote your website in their search results. It is part of Internet advertising and perhaps the most famous marketing technique.

It’s all about the right keywords

When using SEM, you have to determine which keywords your customers use when they search for a product like yours. Oftentimes, what you think is the best keyword is not what your customers actually use. Luckily, the Internet provides us with many tools to test the volume and the competition of each keyword.

Why should I use it?

SEM has many advantages – first, it is targeted advertising. You pay only per actual click, and you can measure your results and control the budget. However, the most important advantage is that this advertising tool is for active potential buyers, buyers who are already considering using a product/service like yours, but haven’t decided yet where and if to buy it.

Due to this advantage, sometimes the competition can be quite strong and the cost per click very expensive. Yet, if build the campaign right, this tool is the most cost effective for increasing your sales.